Saturday, January 2, 2016

Learn How To Paint a Rock Using Stencils, White Acrylic Paint and a Black Background

If you think you can't paint flowers onto a rock, think again!

With the flower stencils that are available today, anyone can paint realistic looking flowers onto a rock and make gorgeous rock paintings.

One of the methods I use to get a base flower image onto my flower rocks is what I like to call my "black background method".

This picture shows how your rock will look after you stencil the flowers onto
your black background using the method outlined below.

Large River Rocks for Painting
(click link or picture above to learn more)

1.  Select an appropriately sized rock for your painting.  i.e. a tall rock flat rock is best for painting sunflowers, and a short wide based rock would be best for smaller flowers such as pansies.

2.  With a foam brush, paint the whole rock in a thin coat of acrylic black paint.  Wait at least 45 minutes for this to dry thoroughly.

Painting Flowers on Rocks by Lin Wellford
(click link or picture above to learn more)

3.  To stencil the flowers you will first need to have a stencil on hand.  You can purchase many stencils through Amazon, they have a great selection. 

You can also purchase a stencil through Designer Stencils where you might have more even more of a variety to choose from.

It's quite possible for you to create a beautiful sunflower rock like the one
pictured here, even if you think you can't paint!